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Hot Composting - what is it and why it is worth doing

What it is hot composting and the benefits of using this method

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Spring Lawn Care

You may have already made the first lawn cut of the year, if you haven't, start with a high blade and gradually reduce over the weeks to your preferred height. If your lawn is prone to moss and weeds, here we will explain how our biochar granules and SF60 super compost can help.

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Biochar and SF60 Application Rates

How much biochar (or SF60) should you add to your soil and compost?

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What Makes Super Compost "Super"?

We talk a lot about Biochar Super Compost, SF60. What really makes it "Super" compared to everyday compost?

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Presents for keen gardeners - what do you get them?

Keen gardeners have an interest in better flowers, tastier vegetables, making a positive difference to the garden environment and helping to limit climate change.

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Biochar on BBC Gardeners World

Interested and happy to hear Nick Bailey from the BBC's Gardeners' World talking to Joshua Sparkes, Head Gardener at Forde Abbey, about using biochar in their extensive tulip planting.

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Super Composter Tester Update – October

Our tester Paul has been busy filling his Super Composter with a mixture of materials from general garden waste from his smallholding, to household scraps, coffee grounds and sourdough starters from the kitchen.

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Biochar mitigates (offsets) climate change

Biochar mitigates climate change Every gardener and farmer can help offset (mitigate) climate change by adding biochar or biochar super compost (SF60) to their soil.

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Super Composter Tester Update - September 2019

All of our testers have taken a different approach to their feedback on our new Super Composter and all of it has been really helpful and is being used to modify the current design so it can be the very best it can be.

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Autumn lawncare using biochar

By October grass growth begins to slow down, which is generally welcomed after regular mowing since spring, this is also the time of year that grass can begin to look a little worse for wear, and the main problem is thatch, which is the build-up of debris and dead grass that sits above the surface o

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