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Biochar Fertilisers: Harnessing the Potential of Biochar for Soil Health and Crop Productivity

Discover the potential of biochar as a sustainable soil amendment in our informative blog post. Explore its unique properties, including carbon sequestration and nutrient retention, and learn how biochar improves soil structure and promotes beneficial microbial activity. Uncover the world of biochar

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Biochar - specification changes (from April 2023)

Details of biochar specification changes made in April 2023

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Can biochar be used to improve green roofs

Article discussing the benefits of adding biochar to green roofs

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Mother's Day gifts to grow

Ideas for special gifts for mothers day that don't cost the earth

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Beautiful REAL Christmas Tree every year!

Learn how to grow and keep a real Christmas tree in a container for years and years!

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Lawn Care - how to use biochar super compost and biochar

How to use biochar super compost to keep your lawns and greens in tip-top condition.

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Making your own peat free multi-purpose compost

Add about 15% by volume of the SoilFixer Biochar Compost Humification Agent to your compost pile as you add new organic material.

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HOTBIN Mega - Can I add food waste?

How to add food waste into the HOTBIN Mega!

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Bits of plastic in compost and soil - what's the issue?

The blog explores the issues of plastics in compost and soil. How do they get there? Can they be removed? Are they a problem?

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How do I make Amazonian Dark Earth (aka Terra Preta) in the HOTBIN Mega?

Making Amazonian Dark Earth (aka Terra Preta) in the HOTBIN Mega is easy!

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