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Bulk Biochar

High tonnage Biochar is sustainable carbon with many new uses.

Biochar is also a potential replacement for activated carbons made from fossil fuels and imported from Asia.


Soil is one of the largest carbon sinks.
Restoring soil carbon could offset (lock-down) 10-20% of ALL CO2 emissions.
Every Kg of biochar added to soil permanently offsets ~3 Kg of CO2.

The technology to make biochar is available now. The storage method is IPCC approved.
Verified track and trace systems exist for the purchase of biochar carbon removal certificates.
The UK needs to add 1 million tonnes of biochar to UK soils to make a difference.

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  • Bulk bags for raised beds
  • Loose loads, eg 10t, 20t
  • Custom mixes: soil / compost / biochar
  • Golf greens - custom particle size
  • Bulk bags
  • Custom compost/biochar mixes
  • Animal feed, digestion aid
  • Reducing nutrient run-off, NVZ
  • Chicken coup ammonia reduction
  • Methane gas catalyst
  • Landfill gas biofilter
  • Compost biofilters
  • Leachate filtration
  • Water filtration
  • Gas filtration
  • Other industrial uses
  • Carbon offsets, credits, CORCs
  • Soil carbon
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Sustainability

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