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Biochar future: fixing climate change

Soil is one of the largest carbon sinks.
Restoring soil carbon could offset (lock-down) 10-20% of ALL CO2 emissions.
Every Kg of biochar added to soil permanently offsets ~3 Kg of CO2.

The technology to make biochar is available now. The storage method is IPCC approved.
Verified track and trace systems exist for the purchase of biochar carbon removal certificates.
The UK needs to add 1 million tonnes of biochar to UK soils to make a difference.

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Today: Top Quality Biochar Products

In 2016, SoilFixer was founded by Tony Callaghan, inventor of HOTBIN to continue the development of
environmentally friendly and top quality garden products to the UK market.

SoilFixer supplies leading quality Biochar Granules, Compost Activator and SF60 Super Compost soil Improver, (that in tests has shown to significantly Improve Crop Growth and Yield.

We are proud to be scaling up production and providing our high quality garden products
to both Home & Professional gardeners.

Past: Top Selling Compost Bin

In 2011 Tony Callaghan invented the patented HOTBIN Compost Bin.

HOTBIN went on to quickly secure multiple awards and featured in various shows on the
BBC, as well as featuring on ITV, Radio 2 & The Telegraph.

HOTBIN is now a UK top selling compost bin.

Sustainability Commitment

Sustainable Products

Every 1 Kg of our biochar offsets (locks) approximately 3 Kg of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

All our products contain biochar and help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Sustainable Business

Our immediate goal is to ensure our business is sustainable and carbon neutral.

We dislike ‘green washing’ – we know we still have work to improve how we produce, transport, package, and supply biochar.

We have a path forward and our long-term goal is a carbon negative (yes negative) business model. Read More

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Customers trust us to deliver Top Quality Biochar Soil products! This is why we regularly receive 5 star ratings on Trustpilot.

Top Quality Products

All of our products are premium grade with years of research going into what is manufactured and finally ends up in your hands.

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We are committed to keeping our customers secure. This is why we deploy stringent security measures to protect our user data and we use enhanced systems in order to do so. If you would like to find out more about how we do this, please visit our Security page.

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Meet The Team

The company is run by a passionate and driven team with expertise in soil additives, composting, soil improver, colloidal humus and biochar. Our vision is to make products in a sustainable way that make a positive difference to gardening and horticulture. Making soil the best it can be.

Tony Callaghan directs the development and production of SoilFixer’s pioneering products.

Tony’s passion for soil, compost, biochar and humus science has seen him successfully create the patented HotBin composting system plus a patent pending status on a new super compost containing high levels of colloidal humus.

SoilFixer is a wholly owned trading brand of AC Innovations Ltd, reg in E&W no 06918347

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