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About Us

Find out all you need to know about SoilFixer and
what we can provide for you

Who are SoilFixer?

Based in Cirencester, the company is run by a passionate and driven team with expertise in composting, humus and biochar. Our vision is to make products in a sustainable way that make a positive difference to gardening and horticulture. Making soil the best it can be.



What can SoilFixer provide for you?

SoilFixer make a compost activator (humification agent), biochars and a super compost (SF60) to help make soil the best it can be to create a resilient, healthier place for plants and vegetables to grow. We also supply our biochar charcoal as filters for odour removal in composting and aquarium water filtration.


For convenience of choice

Your convenience is our priority. Our products are supplied with star rating that will help you decide. 

UK mainland delivery 

We deliver our goods to UK mainland regions. Your order will be shipped and delivered to the location you have stated. 

The highest quality products

We guarantee the highest quality for the products we make and sell. 



Meet the Team

Tony Callaghan, Director

Tony directs the development and production of SoilFixer’s pioneering products. Tony’s passion for soil, compost, biochar and humus science has seen him successfully create the patented hot bin composting system (now one of the UK’s top selling compost bins) plus a patent pending status on a new super compost containing high levels of colloidal humus.


Contact Us

Contact us for all things related to enhanced plant and vegetable growth by using compost, humus, humification, compost activators, biochar, super compost, colloidal humus, activated carbons. We would love to hear from you, call or email any time.