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5, 10, 20 Kg sacks 

Add Compost Agent to your compost heap to make your own super compost
5, 10, 20 Kg sacks 

Add biochar to your soil and containers to improve plant and vegetable growth
10, 20 Kg sacks 

Add Biochar Super Compost to your soil and containers to improve plant and vegetable growth

SoilFixer's Core Expertise

Our soil and compost products are a result of years of research and development which have originated from creating the UKs top selling compost bins.


Biochar is made from plant (bio) materials that have been heated in the absence of oxygen. It can dramatically help improve water retention, nutrient supply to roots, nutrient losses due to 'run-off', support for microbes and AMF (mycorrhizal fungi), support the formation and stability of colloidal humus and improve soil aggregation (ie tilth).

This helps to significantly improve the quality of your compost and topsoil thus helping to improve the growth of your plants.

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Compost Activators (Humification Agent)

Compost Activators help improve the composting processes when making your own compost. Our Compost Activator will help you create compost that will boost plant growth and yield. Our tests have shown that growth and yield can increase from at least 20% up to as much as 100%!

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Soil Improver (SF60)

Our Soil Improver (SF60) is added to your soil in order to increase both plant growth and crop yield. Our tests have shown that crop growth and yield can increase from 20% - 100%!

SF60 works by acting as a 'sponge' to store water and essential nutrients. Microbes within the compost (notably mycorrhizal fungi) are able to access and supply these nutrients to the roots of your plants thus improving their growth and yield.

Buy Soil Improver (SF60)

Buy Bulk Soil Improver (SF60)


Who are SoilFixer?

Based in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire, the company is run by a passionate and driven team with expertise in soil additives, composting, humus and biochar. Our vision is to make products in a sustainable way that make a positive difference to gardening and horticulture. We focus on customer service and excellent technical support through in-depth blog articles.


What can SoilFixer provide for you?

SoilFixer make a range of soil and compost additives. These include a compost activator (humification agent), biochars and a super compost (SF60) to help make your soil a resilient, healthier place for plants and vegetables to grow. 



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