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Biochar multi-purpose compost (SF40)

Looking at the test results of our peat-free biochar multi-purpose compost (code SF40)

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Biochar to Improve Tree Growth and Survival In Woodlands, Forestry and Agroforestry

Using biochar to improve tree growth and survival in large-scale planting of woodlands, forestry and agroforestry.

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Compost Activators & Compost Humification Agent Q&A

This blog provides detailed information on SoilFixer's Compost Humification Agent. The first page covers the highlights per the website product specification page. If you have already read the website product page, please jump down to start at the question 'what is the story around the product devel

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Compost Activators, Accelerators, Inoculators and Humification Agents - What are they, do they Work?

There are many compost activators (also known as compost makers, accelerators, inoculators, and humification agents) sold to help improve composting. This article looks at what they contain (the ingredients) and how well they work.

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HOTBIN Mega - Can I add food waste?

How to add food waste into the HOTBIN Mega!

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How do I make Amazonian Dark Earth (aka Terra Preta) in the HOTBIN Mega?

Making Amazonian Dark Earth (aka Terra Preta) in the HOTBIN Mega is easy!

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How to use the HOTBIN Mega compost bin on your allotment!

It's always a great time to start using the HOTBIN Mega compost bin on your allotment.

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How to Use the HOTBIN Mega Composter

Some helpful hints and tips on how to use the HOTBIN Mega Composter.

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Mother's Day gifts to grow

Ideas for special gifts for mothers day that don't cost the earth

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SF60 Super Compost / Soil Improver Detailed Product Q&A

This article looks in detail at the SoilFixer SF60 Super Compost - what it is, how it is made, how it works and the benefits of using it.

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