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How to use the HOTBIN Mega compost bin on your allotment!

It's always a great time to start using the HOTBIN Mega compost bin on your allotment.

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Which SoilFixer product should I use?

A quick guide to SoilFixer products and their composition!

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Can I add BBQ and fire pit ash to my soil and compost?

Can I add BBQ and fire pit ash to my soil and compost - an independent expert advice.

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SF40 multi-purpose competition winners

Thank you to everyone that entered our recent competition to win one of 20 x 40 L packs of our new SF40 Multi-Purpose Compost.

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How to Use the HOTBIN Mega Composter

Some helpful hints and tips on how to use the HOTBIN Mega Composter.

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What are compost teas - do they work?

What are compost teas, how to make them & do they work?

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Biochar multi-purpose compost (SF40)

Looking at the test results of our peat-free biochar multi-purpose compost (code SF40)

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Can I add compostable bags to my compost heap?

We look at the various types of compostable bags and answer the question can I add them to my compost heap

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Can I Compost this? Complete guide - 170 THINGS YOU CAN COMPOST

The complete guide to items you can (and cannot) compost - 170 THINGS TO COMPOST.

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Peat Compost Ban

Peat: should we ban the use of peat? What are the alternatives? Why is peat good as a growing media for gardens and horticulture?

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