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The BEST compost and how to make it

What is the very BEST Compost and How do you make it? A few years ago, we investigated if composts varied. (Yes, a lot). This led us to investigate why they varied and how we would make the very best compost - we wanted to make the World's Best compost.

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SF60 product manufacturing update; mud pies and giant hot composting bins!

This blog covers the up-scale production of new batches of our SF60 Super Compost along with the testing of each batch.

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Guide: Activated Carbon for Aquariums

Which activated carbons work best in aquariums? Why do some work better than others? Why are there so many conflicting statements around what activated carbon does? Armed with knowledge you can save money on your carbon and still get excellent performance!

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Reusing potting compost

Do you have some potting compost left in your containers? Don’t throw it away!

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SoilFixer takes on long-term lease at agricultural innovation hub

Soil and compost specialist company, SoilFixer, has confirmed its move to the agritech innovation and incubation hub, Farm491, which is based at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) in Gloucestershire.

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Allotment potato crop weights - analysis of test results

We have many gardeners and allotment owners testing samples of SF60 to see what impact it has on vegetable growth.

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The big Autumn clear up – your next compost heap

We look at how to make a batch of compost in three to six months; i.e. make a batch over winter ready for spring use. We explain why some compost heaps take three to six months to break down to quality compost and others take 12 to 18 months.

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What is Amazonian Dark Earth (ADE) also known as Terra Preta

Amazonian Dark Earth (ADE) also known as Terra Preta ('black soil' in Portuguese) is highly fertile ancient man-made soil found in areas of the Amazon basin inhabited by humans. They are so fertile, scientists have been researching them in the hope of recreating the long-lost recipe for use in today

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Repairing lawn grass with SF60 Biochar Super Compost

Repairing weed killer damaged brown grass lawn patches using SoilFixer SF60 Super compost.

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Basil and radish plant growth results (Jason Daff, spring 2017)

Jason Daff (one of our testing community) set up trials using Levington’s F2 commercial growing media as the control. He added 10% and 20% SF60 with the F2. A fourth set of seeds were grown with F2 topped up with a commercial slow release fertiliser (Osmocote).

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