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Improve soil health ahead of the growing season

In the UK there are six types, clay, chalk, loams, peat, sandy and silt, each comes with its own positive and negative characteristics and you can adapt and enhance it to ensure you have fertile soil all year round.

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Your Autumn garden tidy-up

Last year, in our Autumn composting blog, we focused on the steps you could take to ensure your compost heap keeps decomposing over the winter by converting your bin from a “cold” system into a hot composting system.

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Encouraging wildlife in your garden

You’ve probably heard that there’s a big push to halt the drastic decline in British wildlife. The recent launch of the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife lays out the practical steps we can all take to help halt the destruction of species and habitats in Britain.

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What’s happening in the biochar industry? And how does it affect SoilFixer?

We can trace charcoal use in soil agriculture back a thousand years. However, the modern biochar industry is still new at the grand age of around five years old!

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What happened at SoilFixer HQ over the long hot summer?

After relocating, we temporarily lost our test beds. However, we can report on a few things we grew at our new house.

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Are SoilFixer products organic?

We often get asked if SoilFixer products are organic? The answer is yes. But for those conversant with the organic movement lingo and legislation, we need to explain the difference between an organic product and inputs for use in an organic growing system.

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Activated carbon for aquariums - tried & tested – crystal clear!

In our blog exploring the types of activated carbon used in aquarium fish tanks, we suggested that types of wood-based charcoal (biochar) should outperform activated carbon pellets to clarify and remove water discoloration in aquariums.

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How to compost grass successfully

Composting grass successfully requires a little bit of knowledge. On one hand, grass is one of the easiest and fastest materials to compost and is often added to help increase the heap temperature. Often it can be composted in just 7 to 10 days! On the other hand, grass is a troublesome materia

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Biochar for Golf Greens and Garden Lawns

We have used SF60 super compost (a mix of activated biochar and humus) on our domestic lawn for a couple of years and have found it helps deepen the green colour, and it also seems to help prevent moss on our heavy clay lawn. It also helps with recovery of brown patches caused by pet poo/urine and o

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Biochar for trees and woodlands

How to use biochar for healthier trees and woodlands

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