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Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon for aquariums - tried & tested – crystal clear!

In our blog exploring the types of activated carbon used in aquarium fish tanks, we suggested that types of wood-based charcoal (biochar) should outperform activated carbon pellets to clarify and remove water discoloration in aquariums.

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Biochar - for water and gas filtration

Biochar is used in the following water and gas filtration applications

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Biochar for Anaerobic Digestion, Landfill Gas Filtration, PAS100 Compost Odours

Biochar improves methane output in AD plants. Biochar removes methane and VOCs from landfill gas emissions. Biochar removes odours from PAS100 bulk composting. Biochar for polishing (scrubbing) siloxanes from Syngas prior to transfer to CHP engines

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Guide: Activated Carbon for Aquariums

Which activated carbons work best in aquariums? Why do some work better than others? Why are there so many conflicting statements around what activated carbon does? Armed with knowledge you can save money on your carbon and still get excellent performance!

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