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Mother's Day gifts to grow

Ideas for special gifts for mothers day that don't cost the earth

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Kiss The Ground

Kiss The Ground - a new film on Soil looking at how it is essential to our life on Earth.

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Trials have begun for the new SoilFixer Super Composter

June was the first month of testing for our Super Composter panel. The first task was to set up their prototype bins, each was supplied in flat-pack format.

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SoilFixer announces successful up-scale production of Biochar Super Compost

Last autumn we began testing “high volume” production of our Biochar Super Compost in partnership with a recycling and landfill company based locally to us called Crapper & Sons.

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What happened at SoilFixer HQ over the long hot summer?

After relocating, we temporarily lost our test beds. However, we can report on a few things we grew at our new house.

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EarthShot Winner, Clean Air: TakaChar

Congratulations to Takachar (India) for winning the EarthShot prize for clean air.

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Encouraging wildlife in your garden

You’ve probably heard that there’s a big push to halt the drastic decline in British wildlife. The recent launch of the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife lays out the practical steps we can all take to help halt the destruction of species and habitats in Britain.

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Presents for keen gardeners - what do you get them?

Keen gardeners have an interest in better flowers, tastier vegetables, making a positive difference to the garden environment and helping to limit climate change.

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SF40 multi-purpose competition winners

Thank you to everyone that entered our recent competition to win one of 20 x 40 L packs of our new SF40 Multi-Purpose Compost.

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SoilFixer Approach: Eco-Friendly Products

The SoilFixer approach is to make eco-friendly, natural soil additives and fertilisers that help gardeners and growers improve soil fertility and, hence, increase the quality and quantity of flowers, fruit, vegetables, crops, and so on.

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