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5 Reasons to compost

5 reasons to compost - why it benefits everyone

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How to make Terra Preta soil (Amazonian Dark Earth, Black Earth)

How to make Terra Preta soil in your garden (Amazonian Dark Earth, Black Earth)

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What is the best raised bed & container mix?

What is the best mix of compost, soil, media mix for raised beds? SoilFixer Explores the options!

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Biochar versus charcoal - is there a difference? The unbiased facts revealed by SoilFixer

What is the difference between biochar and charcoal? The real facts and a detailed table to help you establish what you can and cannot add to your soil.

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Improving grass and turf in shady garden areas

Improve grass in shady are using biochar. Help to improve grass in shady areas of the garden!

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Biochar - latest news on results / performance

A quick tour of the results of the latest biochar 'meta-analysis'

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Landscape, Horticulture, Trade help

Help and advice on custom and bespoke biochar and super compost products for landscape, horticulture and other soil-related trade professionals.

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Biochar for Anaerobic Digestion, Landfill Gas Filtration, PAS100 Compost Odours

Biochar improves methane output in AD plants. Biochar removes methane and VOCs from landfill gas emissions. Biochar removes odours from PAS100 bulk composting. Biochar for polishing (scrubbing) siloxanes from Syngas prior to transfer to CHP engines

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Customer Services - website error codes

If the item comes up as "[not available]" - please go back to the checkout and check the item is showing as "in stock". If it is, please email us - we will need to do a quick update of the data at our end. If you are short on time - try one of the other pack sizes.

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Customer Services - How to pay by credit card

You can pay using all the usual credit cards. Almost all online webshops use a third-party 'Gateway' to handle card payments. The 'gateway' checks and ensures your card details are safe. Some customers reach our payment gateway and get confused because it says Paypal.

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