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What is the best organic fertiliser?

What are the best organic fertilisers, what to buy and when to use the different options. Our quick answer to the question is our Biochar Super Compost (SF60).

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Soil Probiotics - the use of probiotics to improve soil health and crop yields

Soil Probiotics - what are they and how can these soil bacteria increase crop and plant growth?

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Create your own Super Compost!

Whilst most of the hard work in the garden takes place in the run up to summer, July and August are much more relaxed, if you’re growing edibles, ornamentals or a mixture of both you will probably be collect debris on a daily basis through deadheading, plus if you’ve got a lawn you will have a mount

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Healthy soil for all seasons

The UK weather throws all sorts of curve balls at us, hot summer days can turn chilly and windy overnight, weeks without rain, heavy rain and flooding,...the list goes on and on!

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Biochar Super Compost (SF60) - Look and Feel

How should your SF60 (Biochar Super Compost) look and feel?

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How to Activate and Inoculate Biochar

How and why do we need to activate and inoculate biochar?

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Packaging - paper, plastic and boxes

Why do we use woven plastic sacks and tape our cardboard boxes with plastic tape?

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Hot Composting - what is it and why it is worth doing

What it is hot composting and the benefits of using this method

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Spring Lawn Care

You may have already made the first lawn cut of the year, if you haven't, start with a high blade and gradually reduce over the weeks to your preferred height. If your lawn is prone to moss and weeds, here we will explain how our biochar granules and SF60 super compost can help.

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