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Mother's Day gifts to grow

Elaine 17/02/2023

Mother's Day gifts to grow

You might already be thinking for a gift for Mother's Day....

Maybe flowers, but.... they look good for a few days and are then gone. As an aside, although they are compostable, it does take a lot of water and energy to grow and transport flowers for just a few days of pleasure.

How about a potted plant?  They should last for a few months, and with some added knowledge they could last for years and years.  Do remember that it is likely that the potting mix (AKA growing medium or compost) used for shop bought potted plants is likely to be tailored for 12 - 16 week use.  Look to re-pot in a suitable compost (we recommend SF40) at 3 months or when it has finished flowering.

Even better, how about growing your own indoor pot plant for your mum?  Yes, it takes some time and care, but that is why it is so great:  your mum will know that you have made such an effort and appreciate the present far more than a 'last minute, shop bought' plant.

Some plants are easier to grow from cuttings than others, and many indoor plants like succulents can be started at any time of the year.  Start in February and in 4 - 6 weeks (in good time for Mother's Day) you will have a well rooted plant that any mother would be happy to receive, keep, and in time share on with more cuttings - we have a Christmas Cactus that is now into its 40th year.  It was a cutting from Great Granny's plant and has gone on to provide three more generations with plants as a type of family heirloom and bond across the years.

To propagate succulents simply grab a bag of SF40 biochar Multi-purpose compost, 2 or 3 pots, and take several cuttings (just in case one fails).  We found the video from the RHS to be very helpful on how to do it, and you can use our SF40 biochar Multi-purpose compost to give the new plants a great compost and start.

If taking a cutting isn't possible, opt for seeds (eg sunflower or sweet peas) and plant in a pot indoors so that you can gift your mum healthy seedlings to plant out together in a few months' time.

Happy Mother's Day, and look forward to seeing the gifts you have grown. 

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