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Biochar - latest news on results / performance

Tony Callaghan 25/01/2022

Biochar - latest news on results / performance

There are now more than 15,000 published biochar papers.

This new meta-analysis paper is the biggest and most comprehensive meta-analysis of these papers to date. 

The paper is at link:  Biochar in agriculture – A systematic review of 26 global meta-analyses, Hans-Peter Schmidt,Claudia Kammann,Nikolas Hagemann,Jens Leifeld,

The summary table is in the chart below.

The property being measured is in rows/down. Where the bar-chart is to the right of zero line, it is a positive benefit.

  • Overall biochar gives a 15-25% increase in growth
  • Biochar co-composted with green waste (e.g. SF60!) overcomes many (all!) the priming issues and gives results at the higher end of the range. 

If you want a full briefing then Klaudia and Maria (from the IBI) gave a detailed review presentation on 25th Jan, This is available to all IBI members. If you are not a member, £65.00 a year is 100% worthwhile for those wanting insight into biochar 


Selected parameters with highest agronomic relevance that were investigated in the 26 reviewed meta-analyses. The mean overall effect size (% change) and 95% confidence intervals are given as reported in the original studies. The numbers in parentheses indicate the number of pairwise comparisons used for that specific parameter.

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