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Improving Potato Crop Yield – Test Results

50% increase in potato crop yield achieved in raised vegetable beds amended with various biochar, humus and compost mixes.

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Biochar for Industrial Use

Possible uses of biochar as a replacement for activated carbons derived from fossil fuels and used in industrial applications such as water filters, gas odor reduction, reducing agents and potential building materials

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Biochar - for water and gas filtration

Biochar is used in the following water and gas filtration applications

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Biochar for Farming & Agriculture

Welcome to our Sept. 2020 update on the uses of biochar in farming and agriculture. This is a rapidly developing area and many of the topics below now have their own separate article. Here we provide a short overview of each headline. Follow the links for the more in-depth blogs.

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Testing, Testing! Biochar and humus added to vegetable plots

We’ve been testing our soil additives by growing radishes in five sets of beds. And it makes interesting reading!

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Making a fantastic raised bed / container compost mix

SoilFixer explores the development of a fantastic raised bed, container and planter mix based on compost, biochar, soil and colloidal humus. With great results, 100% peat free and re-usable every year, it is looking like a strong new product area.

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Humus definition, humus versus compost

In this blog, we discuss what soil humus is, how it is formed, why it is different to compost, and why having it in the soil is crucial to soil fertility and soil health. We also discuss how to make more of it using special types of compost activators known as humification agent.

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What is Biochar - How do you use it?

Biochar article: What is it and how do you use it as a soil improver, as well as use it to mitigate climate change?

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Customer Services - Delivery FAQ

We continue to deliver via our chosen courier Parcelforce. Courier services currently working to normal 48-hour turnaround.

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Biochar for carbon sequestration

Biochar has an enormous potential to help mitigate climate change by locking (sequestering) the carbon into the soil. The detailed numbers can be overwhelming so just one headline: biochar has the potential to offset up to 12% of the TOTAL CO2 emissions.

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