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SF60 Biochar Super Compost (Soil Improver)

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SoilFixer SF60 Biochar Super Compost (soil improver, activated biochar)

Made in the UK using our propriety composting process and humification agent. It contains high levels of colloidal humus, biochar and plant macro and micronutrients.  

Ready to use by gardeners and allotment growers who want to improve their soils and container growth mixes to the best they can be.

For those seeking better plant and vegetable growth. In our SF60 tests, we have seen an increase in plant and crop growth of 100% over the control soil. All plant growth testing is complex and it takes many test replications over a number of years before the average increase can be quoted. We believe most users can conservatively achieve +20% increase.

How does SF60 work

The biochar/colloidal humus matrix acts as ‘sponge’ for water and essential nutrients – storing them ready for use. The ‘sponge’ matrix supports increased levels of soil microbes. The microbes (notably mycorrhizal fungi) can access the stored nutrients. They form symbiotic relationships with plant roots and supply nutrients to the roots. This mechanism is sometimes described as ‘improved soil health leading to improved plant growth’. (More detail around SF60, the role as an improver versus fertiliser, versus compost can be found in our SF60 FAQ blog post)

Pack sizes

  • 1 Kg (sample)
  • 5 Kg sack 
  • 10 Kg sack 
  • 20 Kg sack
  • Contact us to discuss pallet loads and bulk 1m3 bags

Application rates

Target 10% by volume (10 parts soil to 1 part SF60)

Best results 20% (5:1), minimum suggested application 5% (20:1) 

The biochar and colloidal humus in the SF60 product remains in soil year after year. You can top-up and build towards 20% target by adding a bit more each year. 

How to use SF60

Dig (or hoe) into the soil to depth 5-10 cm.


Store in a cool dry place. 

SoilFixer SF60 is used to improve your soil to the best it can be. This improvement in soil fertility water, nutrient management and tilth results in better plants, vegetables and crops - and all in a sustainable manner.

How to use / Specification
How to use Dig or hoe into soil at a depth of 5-10 cm
Pack size 5 Kg and 10 Kg Woven PP sacks Contact us to discuss pallet loads or 1m3 bulk dumpy bags
Particle size 0-8mm, 100% passes through 8mm mesh sieve.
Weight 5Kg pack and 10 Kg pack

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