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Landscape, Horticulture, Trade help

Tony Callaghan 25/01/2022

Landscape, Horticulture, Trade help

Welcome to our biochar super compost blog page for landscape, horticulture and other compost and soil-related trade professionals.

Some aspects of professional use are fairly straightforward - you know the product and specification, you have used the product before and just need an up to date bulk price and delivery quote. No problem; email the team at [email protected] with the quantity etc and we'll respond with an itemised quote for the tonnage and haulage to your location.   

However, we also know that biochar and related compost-biochar-humus mixes are still fairly new to the market. We often find landscape designers and contractors are looking at these products for the first time based on their clients 'reading about biochar' and asking for it to be added to the project/quote. 

With years of experience, we know that getting the desired results from biochar requires expertise not just in how to make biochar but also how to use it. We have this expertise and are here to guide you (and your clients!). It might take a call or email, but taking the time to get it right at the outset ensures the best outcome for everyone.

Here are some examples of the projects we have been involved in and the type of advice we have provided.

Golf greens

  • How to get biochar into the soil 
  • Optimal particle size (with possible use of specialist drill/plugging unit)
  • Implementation - we even got into a discussion about 'treading black carbon' back into the clubhouse!

Ancient tree maintenance

  • Helping arborists to protect or improve the health of a valued tree
  • How to get biochar into the soil (e.g. use of air-spades)
  • The right mix to use

Urban trees & forests

  • Using biochar for urban tree planting (the Stockholm planting method)
  • What is the right mix for the trees
  • Supporting the Miyawaki method with a custom tree mix of SF60
  • Using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF)
  • Drop delivery into Central London (housing estate)

Large landscaping project  

  • Advice on compost/soil/biochar mix ratio
  • Optimal cost-effective mixing  
  • Logistics of artic delivery to site

Larger scale raised beds/borders

  • Which product would give the best results. (Biochar vs SF60)
  • How innoculate/activate "raw" biochar
  • Delivery to the Isle of Man

Nursery mix for succulents

  • Special formulations of growing media
  • Improved water holding capacity with drainage
  • Colloidal humus

Bonsai trees and terrariums

  • The right particle size for aeration and odour removal
  • Special sieving, the right grade
  • Packaging - bulk bags versus small, manual handling

Our products are also used in many other sectors. You can find these at the following links:

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