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Biochar Multi-Purpose Compost (SF40)

A ready-to-use multi-purpose compost used as a plant growing media for containers, potting on and raised beds. It is also the go-to biochar-compost grade for improving topsoil and converting soil into Terra Preta type soil. 

Our larger pack sizes will typically save you 20% to 40% on a per Kg basis. Our prices include free courier delivery to mainland regions. P&P on other websites can add £8-10/item. 

SF40 Multi-Purpose Compost Features

  • Peat free
  • Coir free
  • Ultrafine consistency
  • Contains 25% biochar and 75% PAS100 compost
  • Ideal for organic growing
  • Made in the UK from 100% recycled plant and wood resources

What is used for?

  • Growing media for raised beds and containers
  • Growing media for seedlings and potting-on
  • Tree planting (backfill planting holes, containers)
  • Improving topsoils
  • Top dressing lawn soil ready for laying turf or grass seeding

How to use

  • It is ready to use straight away - add to containers and plant your plants
  • For soil improvement - dig or rake into your soil


  • Ideal for growing plants and vegetables
  • Biochar-humus matrix provides excellent water retention
  • Contains slow-release macro-nutrients (NKP) supply
  • Contains plant trace micro-nutrients (Ca, Mg, etc)
  • Improves nutrient supply to plant roots (increased microbe/fungal roots associations that increase nutrient supply to roots (eg mycorrhizal fungi, AMF)
  • Improves soil aggregation leading to improved tilth and aeration (essential oxygen flow to roots and microbes)

Pack sizes

  • 10 Kg sack (approx. 20 litres), 48-hour courier delivery
  • 20 Kg sack (approx. 40 litres), 48-hour courier delivery
  • 1.2m3 and 2m3 bulk bags and bulk loose loads please email [email protected] to discuss

    Coverage / Usage

    Use as received for planting in raised beds and containers, seedlings and potting on

    • Add 1Kg/m2 to improve soil (this is approximately 10% by volume)
    • When used as a soil improver, it is better to hoe or dig in the Biochar Multi-Purpose Compost preferably to a depth of 5-10 cm
    • The improvement in soil fertility, water, nutrient management and tilth results in better plants, vegetables and crops - and all in a sustainable manner.

    How does the product work?

    The biochar-colloidal humus acts as a ‘sponge’ for water and essential nutrients, storing them ready for use. The ‘sponge’ matrix supports increased levels of soil microbes. The microbes (notably mycorrhizal fungi) can access the stored nutrients in the biochar. They form symbiotic relationships with plant roots and supply nutrients to the roots. This mechanism leads to improved plant health and growth. (More detail via our  FAQ blog post)

    The composition has been carefully formulated to achieve the right balance of properties that support healthy plant growth

    Should I use SF40 or biochar granules?

    Improving your soil is a balance of cost, effort, and the length of time you are willing to wait. 

    SF40 contains 30% biochar and is ready to use.

    Pure ("raw") biochar granules should be "activated" before adding to your soil. Biochar granules remain a robust long-term soil improver. You can make your own version of SF40 by mixing biochar with compost as a method for 'activating' biochar.

    Should I use SF40?

    Our SoilFixer tests indicated (and the academic science is now backing up), that biochar works even better when it has been through an active composting process. We make SF60 by adding the biochar humification agent into the compost pile. (We have a European Patent pending for the method). 

    When adding biochar to soil, gardeners are looking to make super fertile loamy soil - akin to the Amazonian Dark Earth (ADE,  or Terra Preta) like fertile quality.  This is not achieved just by adding biochar to soil. Soil fertility, tilth, and soil aggregation are functions of humus which is created as a result of microbial and root hair activity. Humus is the sticky, nutrient-holding, water-holding compound that is key to fertility.

    How to use / specification
    Pack size 20 Litres (10 Kg), 40 litres (20 Kg) sacks, 1.2m3 (900 Kg) bulk bags
    Particle size Screened on 13mm sieve, 100% passes through 13mm.

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    Biochar Multi-Purpose Compost (SF40)

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