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Customer Services - How to pay by credit card

Tony Callaghan 12/11/2011

Customer Services - How to pay by credit card

You can pay using all the usual credit cards

Almost all online webshops use a third-party 'Gateway' to handle card payments. The 'gateway'  checks and ensures your card details are safe. Some customers reach our payment gateway and get confused because it says PayPal. 

Of course, PayPal has its own accounts and payment system. BUT -  PayPal is also one of the largest credit card payment gateways. This part of its service works just like Worldcom, SagePay, etc.

On the dialog box - look to the bottom for the "pay by card" click box/option. This will take you to a standard screen asking for card details. When the payment is complete, just click [No] when asked if you want to create a PayPal account. PayPal will send you a credit card transaction receipt. The SoilFixer store will send you an order confirmation.