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Biochar granules 2-8 mm

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Available Options

Biochar Granules, 2-8mm

Available options
  • 1 Kg (approx 3 litres)  
  • 5 Kg (approx 15 litres) 
  • 12 Kg (approx 40 litres)
  • 1.2m3 large bulk bags  (approx 400 kg)

Courier fees and packaging are a big part of our costs. Upgrading your pack size can save between 10% and 40% on the per litre/Kg cost.  

Features / Benefits

We manufacture one grade of biochar, then sieve it into three particle sizes depending on use and customer requests. If you are looking for the best quality biochar to add to your soil, we recommend you jump over to the 0-8 mm biochar granules. 

The 2-8 mm granules all pass through an 8 mm mesh and are all retained on a 2mm mesh. It contains no 'powder' - other than residual levels attached to the granules (See photos). It is made from 100% wood charcoal fines made from FSC certified sources.

  • Its main use is in water and gas filtration as an alternative to activated carbon 'extruded pellets' (carbon powder is made from oil or coal and then mixed with binders and extruded into pellets. (There are many types of activated carbon - please read our extensive blog on activated carbons).
  • Aquariums/fish tanks for the removal of water impurities and toxins. The water filtration grade is sieved, 2-8 mm. (It still contains fine carbon powder which sticks to the larger particles. FLUSH WITH WATER BEFORE USE IN AQUARIUM). 
  • Kitchens / around the home for removal of smelly odours
  • Used in Bonsai soil mixes and terrariums
  • Used where customers have specific issues handling 0-8 mm grade which has a powder content.


If you wish to read about our biochar in detail please follow this link to our extensive biochar article

How to use / specification
How to use Flush with water before use to remove any fine powder generated during transport.
Pack size 1, 5, 12 Kg sacks. Contact us for pallet loads of sacks or 1.0m3 bulk bags
Particle size 2-8 mm, 100% passes through 8 mm mesh sieve, 100% retained on on 2mm mesh
Weight Weight varies depending on moisture content 1 Kg approx 3 litres 5 Kg sack approx 15 litres 12 Kg sacks approx 40 litres

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