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Biochar Fine Granules (0-2 mm)

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Biochar fine granules 0-2 mm 

If you are interested in "What is biochar is and how to use it" - please jump over to our main biochar article

We make one high-quality grade of biochar. We then grind and sieve this into three particle sizes for various applications (0-2mm, 0-8mm, 2-8mm). 

If you are interested in the best all-around biochar for improving soil, please see our 0-8mm granule product page, or for the best 'activated' biochar see our Biochar Super Compost (SF60) page.

  • The 0-2mm granule offers a little bit more water holding capacity which is useful in sandy soils.
  • Fines granules mix more uniformly with other soil additives and growing media
  • Fine granules are advantageous when applied to golf courses. Here it is essential to get the granules down the drill holes to the root zone. The is easier with a fine granular-powder
  • There is a growing demand for biochar to feed to cattle. Fine granules are advantageous when it is being mixed and digested
  • The 0-2mm is dustier than the 0-8mm. This can present handling challenges. (If dry we suggest using a water mister and always using a dust mask.

Pack sizes

We offer 1, 5, 10, 20 Kg sacks,

For pallet loads of sacks or for 1.2m3 bulk bags please contact us via email at help@soilfixer.co.uk 

How to use / specification
How to use Mix 5-10% by volume into raised beds, containers. etc to improve crop and plant growth. 10Kg sack coverage approx 10m2 area 20 Kg sack coverage approx 20m2 area Please note all biochar should be activated before use - for more read our biochar and SF60 FAQs
Pack size 5, 10, 20 Kg sacks, 1.3m3 bulk bags Contact us for pallet loads.
Particle size 0-2 mm
Weight 1, 5, 10, 20 Kg sacks, bulk bags approx 500 Kg

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