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Biochar Super Compost Soil Improver (bulk orders)

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Welcome to our Trade page for the bulk bags (1m3) and full pallet load purchases. 

Our online trade prices are listed INCL. VAT and pallet delivery. Please contact us for quotes and proforma invoices.

Biochar Super Compost (The best soil improver, enriched biochar, code: SF60)

  • Ready to use - add to soil and containers for luscious plants and tasty vegetables
  • 100% Organic, 100% natural, 100% peat-free, 100% from sustainable resources.
  • Lowest biochar prices, free delivery
  • Made in the UK using our propriety composting process
  • Unique Biochar Super Compost formula - enhances water retention, increases nutrients to plant roots
  • Great for the environment - locks carbon into your soil to reduce the impact of climate change.  

Biochar Super Compost (SF60) is the best soil improver, but please note it is not a "growing media" (ie a potting compost)

  • Please do not use it on its own to grow plants in - add it to compost and/or soil (10%, 1 part to 10 parts compost/soil)).   
  • Please note:
    • It does not look or feel like traditional compost - it will arrive damp and sticky
    • It is a mix of biochar, colloidal humus, and compost
    • It is black in colour

We have lots of blogs/articles describing what it is and how it works. If in doubt, we would much rather you contact us or read further before purchase. 

In our Biochar Super Compost (SF60) tests, we have seen an increase in plant and crop growth of 100% over the control soil. All plant growth testing is complex and it takes many test replications over a number of years before we will know the 'average' increase.  We believe most users can conservatively achieve a +20% increase in luscious plants and tasty vegetables.

Pack sizes

  • 1m3 bulk bags (approx 600 Kg)

Application rates

Target 2-5 t/ha (~4-10% by volume) , min. 0.5 t/ha (1%), max 10 t/ha (20% by volume).

The biochar and colloidal humus in the SF60 product remains in soil year after year. You can top-up and build towards 20% target by adding a bit more each year. 

How to use Biochar Super Compost (SF60)

Dig (or hoe) into the soil at a depth of 5-10 cm.


Store in a cool dry place. 

SoilFixer SF60 is used to improve your soil to the best it can be. This improvement in soil fertility water, nutrient management and tilth results in better plants, vegetables and crops - and all in a sustainable manner.

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