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SoilFixer and more information about products and services

SoilFixer products help improve most soils, horticultural and gardening growing media. Developed from our extensive knowledge of biochar, colloidal humus and compost.  

The products are:

  • Biochar granules for use in growing media and soil 
  • Charcoal filters for odour removal in compost bins and heaps
  • SoilFixer Compost Humification Agent: patent-pending formulation 
  • SoilFixer SF60 super soil additive: matrix of colloidal humus, biochar, NKPs, trace minerals and beneficial micro-organisms. 

Whether you require a sample for in-house testing, or need a partner to create a customised soil additive, get in touch. We’re flexible and responsive and would be delighted to assist you.

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This is our standard 0-8mm granular biochar. Biochar is used to improve crop and plant growth. Mix i..

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What is the Compost Humification Agent (also known as a Compost Activator) It is a granular pow..

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*** Due to limited production, we are currently only able to provide 100g/0.15 litre samples wh..
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