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Gardening Gifts

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Presents for keen gardeners - what do you get them? 

You could buy any number of tools, plants or ornaments. But deep down, you know they probably have enough of all these or will want to choose their own based on very detailed requirements. Trying to find the detail loses the surprise and gifting experience. 

Keen gardeners have an interest in better flowers, tastier vegetables, making a positive difference to the garden environment and helping to limit climate change.

 We have put together three gift packages:

Good for all: young, old, mums, dads, grandparents

Good for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Father's day and Mother's day.

A bunch of flowers or box of chocolates might be right for many people, but for some keen gardeners, biochar and super compost represent something unique. It shows you know them and have an interest in their hobby.  We think it's all about knowing the person you are gifting to - for some, it's perfect, for others well let's just say it won't be right!

Biochar and Super Composting are relatively new products to gardeners. It is likely your gift receiver might not have heard about the SoilFixer products. But that's part of the unique gift attraction: if they are keen, they will want to know and might not have had the time to research and find the product themselves. You'll be gifting them something that hits the spot.

 We normally rely on keen gardeners reading about how to use our products online and hence we rarely send out "paper" information. The gift pack is a little bit different and we include 2 pages of A4 covering what, why and how to use.

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