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SoilFixer Approach: Eco-Friendly Products

Tony Callaghan 10/08/2016

SoilFixer Approach: Eco-Friendly Products

The SoilFixer approach is to make eco-friendly, natural soil additives and fertilisers that help gardeners and growers improve soil fertility and, hence, increase the quality and quantity of flowers, fruit, vegetables, crops, and so on. 

Use SoilFixer products because they are made from 100% natural resources

Natural (definition): existing in and derived from nature. 

Wood, biochar (a type of charcoal made in a non-polluting way for use as a soil additive), compost and wood ash all occur in nature. Biochar is made using the natural process of pyrolysis (burning in absence of oxygen). Colloidal humus is made in tiny amounts naturally in soil. SoilFixer follows what nature does occasionally as a full-time occupation using an efficient process.  

Use SoilFixer products because we use sustainable resources

Sustainable (definition): able to be maintained at a certain rate. 

We use wood from managed forests and coppice woodlands. These woodlands produce significant amounts of ‘waste’ wood such as brash and toppings. We use this wood to make biochar. Our kilns can process many types of wood. We occasionally convert untreated (‘clean’) waste wood which has reached the ‘end of life’ and has no economic use (eg old pallets and wood off cuts). In the UK, such waste wood is almost always imported under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) protocol.

Use SoilFixer products because they a 100% organic

Organic (definition): (a) relating to or derived from living matter, eg "organic soils", “organic matter”. Also organic: (b) (of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals

SoilFixer products are 100% organic; they are made from natural living matter and have no artificial chemicals added. 

Use SoilFixer products to make a positive environmental impact

SoilFixer products contain biochar and colloidal humus. Both are resistant to decomposition in soils. They can lock carbon and help you reduce your carbon footprint. 

Biochar and humus ‘hold on’ to nutrients that are released into the soil when organic matter breaks down. Plant roots are able to access this nutrient store. Like fertilisers and other soil additives – they have the to do good if used correctly and harm if used incorrectly. 

SoilFixer products help the environment because they decrease…

a) Soil erosion

b) Nutrient run-off

c) And increase the amount of SOM

The organic matter in the Earth’s soil is the second largest store of carbon. Poorly managed agriculture and gardening reduce soil carbon. Our products help increase soil carbon.  

Colloidal humus, as we define and make it, is a carbon sink. It can ‘lock’ carbon into soil for 10 to 100 years and offset greenhouse gas emissions and hence global warming.