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Biochar Super Compost (The best soil improver, enriched biochar, code: SF60)

Please note that the SF60 product is no longer available. Please follow this link to the available Biochar Multi-Purpose Compost

  • Ready to use - add to soil and containers for luscious plants and tasty vegetables
  • 100% Organic, 100% natural, 100% peat-free, 100% from sustainable resources
  • Made in the UK using our propriety composting process
  • Contains approx 20% biochar
  • Enhances water retention, increases nutrients to plant roots
  • Great for the environment - locks carbon into your soil to reduce the impact of climate change.  

Customers can make SF60 at home by adding our Compost Humification Agent to their compost heaps. 

In our Biochar Super Compost (SF60) tests, we have seen an increase in plant and crop growth of 100% over the control soil. All plant growth testing is complex and it takes many test replications over a number of years before we will know the 'average' increase.  We believe most users can conservatively achieve a +20% increase in luscious plants and tasty vegetables.

How does Biochar Super Compost (SF60) work

The biochar/colloidal humus matrix acts as a ‘sponge’ for water and essential nutrients – storing them ready for use. The ‘sponge’ matrix supports increased levels of soil microbes. Microbes (notably mycorrhizal fungi) can access the stored nutrients. They form symbiotic relationships with plant roots and supply nutrients to the roots. This mechanism leads to improved plant health and growth. (More detail via our SF60 FAQ blog post)

SF60 Features

  • Excellent water holding capacity, (X3 toX4 own weight, versus PAS100 compost X2).
  • Excellent water retention (days versus hours for compost)
  • Excellent re-wetting ability (re-absorbs water very quickly after partial drying)
  • Contains both fast and slow-release macro-nutrients (NKP) supply
  • Contains plant micro-nutrients (Ca, Mg, etc)
  • Improves nutrient supply to plant roots (increased microbe/fungal roots associations that increase nutrient supply to roots (eg mycorrhizal fungi, AMF)
  • Reduces nutrient leaching – colloidal humus has high CEC reducing leachate losses on irrigation
  • Improves soil aggregation leading to improved tilth and aeration (essential oxygen flow to roots and microbes)
  • Results are long-lasting - colloidal humus and biochar typically survive in the soil for over 100 years (note nutrients transferred and removed via crop need replenishing)
  • Positive environmental impact: colloidal humus and biochar both sequester carbon and help offset carbon dioxide and hence reduce the impact of greenhouse gases (1Kg SF60 equates to 1.8 Kg CO2)
  • It will arrive damp and sticky - it does not look or feel like traditional compost -
  • It is a mix of biochar, colloidal humus, and compost
  • It is black in colour

Pack sizes

  • 10 Kg sack (approx. 15 litres) 
  • 20 Kg sack (approx. 30 litres) 
  • 1m3 bulk bags (approx 600 Kg) -  please email [email protected] to discuss 

How much biochar should I apply to the soil?

Apply 1 Kg/m2,  this is about  10%  ie 1 part SF60 to 10 parts soil.   


  • 10 Kg sack, 10 m2
  • 20 Kg sack 20 m2

The application and coverage can vary. For more detail on application rate calculations by area, volume and weight and tips on how to make your budget go further, please visit the application ratio blog. We also have a free Excel calculator if you need to work out accurate application ratios.  

It is important to dig (or hoe) Biochar Super Compost (SF60) into the root zone. 

SF60 can be stored in a cool dry place. Avoid direct sun and drying out 

SoilFixer SF60 is used to improve your soil to the best it can be. This improvement in soil fertility water, nutrient management and tilth results in better plants, vegetables and crops - and all in a sustainable manner.

How to use / specification
How to use Dig or hoe into soil at a depth of 5-10 cm
Pack size 5, 10 and 20 Kg sacks Contact us to discuss pallet loads or 1m3 bulk dumpy bags
Particle size 0-8mm, 100% passes through 8mm mesh sieve.
Weight 5, 10, 20 Kg . Please note product is sold 'damp'. Weights approx with 2% tolerance.

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Biochar Super Compost (SF60, Soil Improver)

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