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Compost Activator (Humification Agent), Bulk

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Welcome to our Trade page for the bulk bags (1m3) and full pallet load purchases. 

Our online trade prices are listed incl. VAT and pallet delivery. Please contact us for quotes and proforma invoices.

If you are interested in licensing the use of our compost humification agent to make and sell your own super compost please contact us.

SoilFixer Compost Humification Agent (Compost Activator)

(Follow these links to read more about super compost, colloidal humus, and humification)

Benefits of Adding the Humification Activator to your compost heap / bin

  • Boost plant growth and crop yield - in our tests by up to 100%  (see note *)
  • Your compost will have more of the vital colloidal humus - it will look and feel smoother and stickier
  • Make a positive, long-term improvement in your soil. Colloidal humus and  biochar  are long-lasting and even small amounts have profound impacts on soil fertility
  • Make a groundbreaking contribution to the environment. Colloidal humus and biochar are stable forms of organic carbon known to survive in soils for hundreds of years. You will be sequestrating carbon and offsetting the impact of global warming gases like carbon dioxide 

Be amazed at how much better compost can be!

(* Note:  in our tests we have seen increases in growth and crop yield of up to 100% (double!). All plant growth tests are challenging due to the number of variables. The results need further validation. We are confident your improved “compost” will deliver at least a 20% increase in yield).

Who should buy it

  • All composters who want to improve the quality (performance) of their compost
  • Home composters using traditional garden (green waste) 'cold' composting in darlex and pallet frame boxes
  • Hot composting systems such as HOTBIN, Ridan and Rocket ® (SoilFixer recognises the owners of these trademarks. Use of the trademark does not and should not be taken to imply any endorsement of SoilFixer products by the trademark owner)
  • Industrial composting sites using windrows or IVC system

How do I use the Compost Humification Agent?

Each time you add new waste to the compost bin, sprinkle on the agent and rake it in. Add 100g (one mugful or a handful) per each 5Kg (approx. 7-9 litres, ie a large caddy/bucket) of waste.

The powder promotes and boosts the formation of the highly beneficial 'colloidal humus'  portion of the compost from typical levels of under 5% to 10-40%. This patent-pending NEW super composting process and agent is unlike any existing compost activator (accelerator or inoculation agent). Developed by Tony Callaghan (inventor of the patented hot bin composting system) following years of work on compost and how to make more of the really good stuff that improves plant growth.  (read more at SoilFixer website)


A black/grey granular powder, 100% passes through a 10 mm sieve.
Available in 10 and 20 Kg sacks.

What is it made from?

It is a proprietary formula developed by SoilFixer. The formula contains biochar and micronized powders. The materials are all from sustainable, natural, UK sources and are 100% organic. (If you are interested in what other commercial activators contain and how they work, read our compost activators review).

Does the activator/agent have a shelf life?

When kept dry there is no shelf life as the ingredients do not deteriorate in air or soil. 

How Do I store it?

In the tub outside, but you do need to keep the lid on to prevent rain seeping in.


The granular powder delivers so much more than compost "accelerators", "catalysts", “inoculators” and "activators". Sprinkle the product on to your compost waste each time you add new waste to your compost heap/bin. It promotes and boosts the formation of the highly beneficial colloidal humus. 

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