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SoilFixer and more information about products and services

We can help you to transform good compost into a great compost and improve mediocre soil into resilient, fertile soil that is the best it can possibly be.

Our products are suitable for adding to:

  • Raised beds and hanging baskets
  • Bedding plants and lawns
  • Gardens and allotments
  • Compost heaps and bins
  • Tree planting holes

Be part of a global movement to make your compost, soil and container mixes the very best they can be - get hold of our products and test them today.

Our Products

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Biochar is used to improve crop and plant growth.  Add biochar to soil and compost to improve: ..

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What is the Compost Humification Agent (also known as a Compost Activator) It is a granular powde..

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*** Due to limited production, we are currently only able to provide small test samples of  100..
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